Immigration to the United States - Understanding Ethnic Migration to the U.S.


"Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrations and revolutionists."

- Franklin D. Roosevelt


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It has been said that America is a quilted patchwork of the world.

Indeed, many may argue that America's greatest attributes lie in its ability to accept and embrace every man, woman, and child no matter where they come from, what cultures they follow, what religions, if any, they adhere to, what foods they eat or do not eat, what color their skin is, what color their hair is, what their customs are, whether their rights in their native country are the same rights as we have in the United States, whether their judicial system is the same, whether they come from a monarchy, a dictatorship, or a democracy, and on and on. This great country allows them to come and make this land their home, bringing and incorporating their ways into the diverse melting pot that is America.

How does She do it?

How does this great country that we call home keep letting people come into its borders, "settle down," and make a life here? The answer to this question is, in fact, found in the question itself.

This country would not be great without its incredible ability of accepting and embracing "foreigners." When one looks at the history of the United States, it is impossible to overlook the contributions of the Italians, the Irish, the Asians, the Africans, the Jews, the Germans, the Greeks, the Spanish, the French, the Arabs, and many other cultures. America is mindful of her roots. She does not forget the fact that this country was built with immigrant hands. When work needed to be done, immigrants took their hammers and nails and did it. America will continue to let foreign nationals across her borders, but only those that will be willing to do so in a legal manner. Foreigners who have visas, green cards, or work permits are immigrating in the correct way, and America and Americans look fondly upon that commitment. America can and will continue to let immigrants into this country to help build, contribute, and make America the best country it can be.

Can She continue to do it?

America has witnessed a rich history of immigration since its founding hundreds of years ago. This tradition continues in the present day, with immigrants still flooding in from countries across the globe, as well as from nearby nations like Canada and Mexico. Immigration lawyers and immigration attorneys can help potential immigrants and those seeking U.S. residency with their immigration and legal needs.

Immigration, unfortunately, has never really been analyzed from the top to the bottom in over a century. Politicians pay lip service to the public and reduce their statements to short sound bites to get elected. Then, once in office, they do not take the initiative to follow through by addressing the problems with immigration in the United States. Only time will tell whether America can continue to welcome with open arms each new wave of immigrants at her door. While politicians insist that a plan for immigration reform is necessary, no one really knows what that plan entails or whether it will address the myriad of immigration problems and the economic concerns that come with it. Whether the plan involves constructing a wall along the borders, or offering every citizen in the United States absolute citizenship, a change is imminent if America can continue to thrive with each new wave of immigrants.

What are some problems with immigration?

For years the United States was a growing industrial country. It needed the hungry, the tired, and the poor to take on some of the most daunting of tasks, industrial, manufacturing, and construction jobs. Railroads needed to be built. Factories needed to be filled. Farms needed to be cropped. And roads needed to be paved. For generations, the U.S. welcomed immigrants with open arms to help build and grow the prospering nation. 

Now, the United States is not the industrial nation it once was; however, it is still in need of hands, minds, and hearts to help grow and rebuild in a struggling economy. However, for every immigrant that enters the U.S. legally, at least as many illegal immigrants cross the borders. Illegal immigration costs U.S. taxpayers $45 billion a year in health care, education, and incarceration expenses. It is straining the United States' economy, while adding costs to the judicial, healthcare, and education systems. Those who are serious about immigrating to the United States should do so legally. For more information and help with legal immigration, fill out the form at the bottom of this webpage.

Contact an immigration lawyer today if you wish to pursue your American dream!Will I be forced to change my ways and culture if I come to the United States?

The greatest thing about America is that She never asks you to change, but, rather, to contribute. She is what She is today, because of the immigrants that have inhabited her and the cultures they have brought along with them from their homelands. In almost every major city in the United States you can see a "Chinatown," "Little Italy," or even a "Little Havana." For every "American" restaurant, you can find a French bistro or an Italian "ristorante." While some may celebrate Christmas in the winter, Americans wish each other "Happy Holidays," enjoying the fact that Hannukah, Kwanza, and Christmas are all within weeks of each other. Likewise, modern American schoolchildren have a "Winter break" instead of a "Christmas break." The bottom line is quite simple: America's culture is forever evolving to be more diverse and more inclusive. America is what you bring to it. America will not ask you to leave your culture at home. She will ask you to bring it with you, show it off, and enjoy being American.

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