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The city of Yonkers is the fourth largest city in terms of population in the state of New York (behind only New York City, Buffalo, and Rochester) with a population of 201,588 residents.  It is conveniently located just two miles north of Manhattan and borders the New York City borough of the Bronx.  

Yonkers, New York was first established as a city in 1872.  In 1880, the population of Yonkers had grown to 18,189, but in the twenty years that followed, the city remarkably doubled in size to nearly 47,931.  This first population boom can be attributed, in large part, to the first major wave of immigration in Yonkers history.  Growth of industry in Yonkers created an influx of European immigrants in need of work and a new life.  Until 1890, immigration in Yonkers, and the United States in general, was almost exclusively from North and West Europe.  The proximity of New York and Yonkers to the Atlantic Ocean made it easily accessible to Northern Europeans who were suffering from unemployment, and, more importantly, the Irish potato famine in the 1940s.  Thus immigrants from Ireland, England, and Scotland who were primarily laborers were able to find employment in Yonkers.  In fact, so many Scots came to the city that in the 1870s, Yonkers was unofficially nicknamed "The Scot City."  Eventually, the character of Yonkers Immigration shifted and after 1890, immigrants from the South and Eastern Europe began migrating.  Thousands came from Russia, Austria-Hungary, Greece, Italy, and the Balkan Peninsula.

In present day Yonkers, the Irish-American and Italian -American communities are still prominent.  The city hosts one of the nations oldest St. Patrick's Day Parades, as well as a large Columbus Day festival with the "Miss-Italian-American" Pageant.  Additionally, another large community in Yonkers is the Slavic Community.  In the early and mid 20th Century a large amount of people emigrated from Poland, Ukraine , Czechoslavakia , Russia , and Croatia . Recently a large number of immigrants from the former Yugoslavia have called Yonkers home. The Slavic community is centered around St. Casimir's Roman Catholic Church, Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church, Most Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church, and St. Michael's Ukrainian Catholic Church.

Yonkers's doors remain wide open to immigrants from all over the globe.  The city continually welcomes new residents, whether they are entering with non-immigrant visas (H-1B, E, E-3, H-2B, O, P, Q, R, TN) or Immigrant visas, including employment visas (EB-1, EB-2, EB-3, EB-4, EB-5, PERM), Physician/Nurse Visas (H-1C, Registered Nurse, Physician), Visitor Visas (B-1, B-2, Visa Waiver Program), and Student Visas (M-1, F-1, H-3, J-1).  Yonkers also welcome those foreign nationals who are attempting to become citizens, or refugees from another country.  If you are in need of any immigration service, it is advisable that you contact an Yonkers, NY immigration lawyer or law firm for a consultation on whatever immigration concern you may have.

The Yonkers court system and USCIS Field office in the area are well equipped to handle any immigration matters that may arise.

The USCIS office that serves your area is the: New York City Field Office.

This office is located at:
Jacob K. Javits Federal Building
26 Federal Plaza, 3rd Floor, Room 3-120
New York, NY 10278.

The Application Support Center that serves your area is located in New Rochelle, NY.

The address is:
246 North Avenue
New Rochelle, NY 10801

Should an individual attempt to appeal a USCIS decision or Deportation hearing, the hearing will always take place in federal court.  The federal court that serves the Yonkers area on immigration matters can be found at the location below:

Yonkers Immigration Court

201 Varick Street, Room 1140
New York, NY 10014

There are also a number of civil surgeons certified by the United States government for Immigration purposes.  A civil surgeon is a medically trained, licensed and experienced doctor practicing in the U.S. who is certified by USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service). These medical professionals receive U.S. immigration-focused training in order to provide examinations as required by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) and USCIS.  The nearest civil surgeons in Yonkers are:

Dr. Kurstein Danuta
984 North Broadway, Suite 312, Yonkers, NY 10701
(914) 968-8972

Dr. Benjamin Dodoo
237 North Broadway, Suite 1F, Yonkers, NY 10701
(914) 968-1711

Dr. James Sayegh
102 Park Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10703
(914) 965-4300

Yonkers, New York is not only a city on the rise, but it is also a historic city with a proud tradition of culture and immigration.  One of the best places to learn more about the city and/or its roots and immigration history is the Yonkers Public Library which has thousands of volumes of useful material. Among special collections and services are extensive business, technical, and governmental information sources in printed and electronic formats.  If you are interested in learning more about the city of Yonkers or the United States in general, please visit the library at:

Yonkers Public Library
Riverfront Library
1 Larkin Center
Yonkers, New York 10701

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